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"Um in der Küche voranzukommen, gehe ich immer erst einmal einen Schritt zurück"

Via Condotti and Spanish Square’s
La Vendemmia

The H’All Tailor Suite and All’Oro Restautant would like to invite you to the prestigious event “La Vendemmia” in Via Condotti and Spanish Square.

From the 16th to the 21st of October, the Numero Zero of "La Vendemmia” would take place in Rome: all most famous fashion Boutiques, national and international wine cellars, Michelin star restaurants and luxury hotels will be involved into a gastronomic and cultural experience in a dreamy location exactly in the heart of Rome, near to Via Condotti and Spanish Square.

A wine type of the most esteem wine firms of the world will be combined to a fashion or luxury brand in order to enjoy an extraordinary tasting experience in high fashion boutiques and ateliers with prestigious VIP guests, top managers and international jet set people.

More than 60 luxury “Maisons” will be represented by Associations in Via Condotti and Spanish Square.

Everyone taking part into the event “La Vendemmia” and having the Vip Pass will receive high benefits such as best wines’ tasting, Sales assistants, chances to deliver their own purchases to home/hotel and the opportunity to continue shopping over opening time.

In addition, our Vip pass guest will be able to book private visits to the starring wine companies in Lazio region.

Finally, All’Oro Restaurant and The H’All Tailor Suite guests will have the privilege to consume “ad hoc” menus accompanied by a selected wine tasting that have been made just for the event.

Special offers will be provided to our customers which are interested to stay in The H’All Tailor Suite during the event.

La Vendemmia: a prestigious show where style, fashion and fine wines will be for the first time the shining stars in The Eternal City.

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