Every detail of your stay is tailor-made just for you

Children 3-11 years
Babies 0-2 years
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The H'All Tailor Suite

Following their experiences at the restaurants All'Oro and Madre, Riccardo Di Giacinto and Ramona Anello throw themselves into a new adventure in the hospitality industry, bringing with them the same strong culinary passion that earned them a Michelin star ( from 2010) and other major awards.
And so The H'All Tailor Suite was born, an exquisite place designed to make you feel at home. The H'All Tailor Suite is not just a name; it is a play on words that encompasses an ideal: a beautiful historic building (Hall) where you will be welcomed with the hospitality of a 5 star Hotel that is tailor-made for you, our guests, and which will take care of every aspect of your stay with us.
Fourteen spacious suites, all different from each other, all tailor-made for you by Interior Design artisans and artists, with high quality prestige furnishings, innovative high-tech comforts and an extensive range of Tailor-made services to meet your every need.
The H'All is also home to our restaurant All'Oro, where details make a substantial difference.

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ristorante all oro roma
A Michelin star, the heart of Rome, cuisine that is perfectly balanced between tradition and innovation.
All'Oro is all this and much more.

Via Giuseppe Pisanelli 23/25

Ph.: +39 0632110128
E-Mail: info@thehallroma.com

All'Oro Restaurant
Diane Srl
Ph.: +39 069799 6907
E-mail: info@ristorantealloro.it

Pisanelli 26 Srl.
Sede legale: Via Giuseppe Pisanelli 23/25 - 00196 Roma
P.IVA: 17252351006